All our solutions have rapid Return on Investment and attractive business cases to support our customers’
need to enhance and optimise their business with efficient, proven, low-cost implementations

Local Government

Modernise and improve your customer experience, maximise call centre productivity, integrate and optimise your mobile workforce.


Consistent, reliable and tracked communications between all parties in Healthcare ensures you’re providing the best experience possible for patients and staff alike.

Call Centre

Enable your staff to provide timely, consistent and measurable service to customers, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Policy Automation

Automate complex decisions for consistent outcomes across channels, and personalise online services to provide an intelligent service.


Streamline and consolidate all communications, staff and student directories, internal and external knowledge as well as all forms, policy and submissions.

Innovative CX

Part of Oracle Applications Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud empowers organizations to improve experiences, enhance loyalty, differentiate their brands, and drive measurable results across all channels.

Products & Services

Our Values

At Magia, we maintain our enviable reputation with our customers, partners and vendors by maintaining our standards constantly against our eight key areas of focus.  We aim to foster and develop a corporate culture and a reputation which harnesses following eight values


One of our key differentiators is the value for money we offer to our customers.  We are known for efficient and cost-effective delivery.  At Magia, we consider delivering value a priority and an expectation


Integrity is the foundation of trust and the keystone of our corporate culture. We at Magia pride ourselves at consistently operation with honesty, integrity and an open disposition.


Our aim is to be the very best at what we do.  We do not try to be a jack-of-all-trades, we carefully select a set of skills we believe are relevant and in demand in the market.  We then ensure that our staff have the very best training, experience and expertise.

Local Presence

Our customers appreciate is our local UK presence. While have a head office in London, our resources cover all of Europe and beyond. Additionally, we have offshore resources in Australia readily available.


We focus on delivery as the core of what we do.  With every undertaking, our goal is to ensure efficient, time-effective, cost-effective delivery of a quality outcome for our customers.  We are always aiming to deliver more efficiently and more effectively than the time before.


Tied closely to our focus on specialisation is our focus on supplying the market with a team of carefully selected individuals who have the credentials, implementations & certifications behind them to ensure we can maintain our high standard of delivery.


As an Oracle ISV (Independent Software Vendor) we at Magia are always looking to apply the latest technology in new and innovative ways to develop and enhance the offerings we bring to market.


We focus on what we do best.  We believe that working collaboratively with our partners, who are the leaders in their areas of expertise, we can leverage each organisation’s core competencies to maximise our delivery capability for our customers.

Our Customers