Our Story

Magia in the UK was established in 2013 as a consultancy dedicated to process and business rules automation and specialists Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), then branded as TruePenny People UK – partner to TruePenny People LLC, based in the US. When the focus shifted to Cloud technologies. the UK organisation rebranded to Magia Consulting forming a partnership MagiaCX Solutions in Australia, resulting in the Magia brand as it is today. We are established specialists in multiple technologies being both an Oracle Platinum Partner, Microsoft Partner, as well holding expertise in AWS and multiple open source and rules engine technologies.

Our organisation today provides services in many skills related to digital transformation and process automation, from technical expertise, to solution architecture and delivery management. We are driven by delivering value to our customers and aim to create collaborative partnerships with those we work around.

Customer needs are at the heart of our organisation

Magia Consulting have engaged with a portfolio of clients around the globe, offering industry-leading expertise. We put our customer’s needs at the heart of the solutions we implement, and work closely with our clients to ensure we understand the key drivers for change and organisational challenges. Our goal is to create effective solutions to enhance operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide a better user experience for our client’s digital service users.

Our goal is to deliver you value

At Magia, we focus providing solutions to solve day to day business problems, and pride ourselves on delivering real value to our clients. By automating organisational policies and business rules, we enable our customers to optimise their policy management and decision making capabilities whilst providing end-users with a personalised system experience. We also implement risk based automation for repetitive and unambiguous decisions, to allow internal employees to focus on complex decision making and high value work.

Commitment to strategic partnerships

We are committed to being long-term strategic business partners with our clients. We use best of breed technology to create robust and flexible solutions that can be maintained with minimal technical cost and offer a number of tailored training packages to empower organisations that intend to maintain their own digital solutions. We also work with a number of reputable partners who compliment our areas of expertise and to enable us to offer complete implementation project services and provide full end-to-end business solutions.

We are proud of our technical expertise

Magia Consulting are world class technical experts in Oracle Policy Automation, and have worked with every aspect of the product from policy model development to cloud migration and mobile implementation. We maintain close links with Oracle Policy Automation product development to provide feedback, ensure our team is knowledgeable with upcoming features ahead and enable our customers gain maximum value from their Oracle investment. We have repeatable methodologies and proven automation tools which we use to deliver high value efficiently.

Magia Consulting have a high level of experience working with Microsoft technology, including extensive experience in .NET, Sharepoint, Dynamics, and Azure, and as a result we have also become a Microsoft Partner. We can implement your chosen digital solution on the Microsoft platform, or any platform of choice.

Our Values

At Magia, we maintain our enviable reputation with our customers, partners and vendors by maintaining our standards constantly against our eight key areas of focus.  We aim to foster and develop a corporate culture and a reputation which harnesses following eight values:


One of our key differentiators is the value for money we offer to our customers.  We are known for efficient and cost-effective delivery.  At Magia, we consider delivering value a priority and an expectation


Integrity is the foundation of trust and the keystone of our corporate culture. We at Magia pride ourselves at consistently operation with honesty, integrity and an open disposition.


Our aim is to be the very best at what we do.  We do not try to be a jack-of-all-trades, we carefully select a set of skills we believe are relevant and in demand in the market.  We then ensure that our staff have the very best training, experience and expertise.

Local Presence

We are UK based (previously TruePenny People UK), with a head office in London as well as a base in the Midlands. We work closely with our clients at their choice of location and can travel to anywhere in Europe. We have offshore resources available.


We focus on delivery as the core of what we do.  With every undertaking, our goal is to ensure efficient, time-effective, cost-effective delivery of a quality outcome for our customers.  We are always aiming to deliver more efficiently and more effectively than the time before.


Tied closely to our focus on specialisation is our focus on supplying the market with a team of carefully selected individuals who have the credentials, implementations & certifications behind them to ensure we can maintain our high standard of delivery.


As an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) we at Magia are always looking to apply the latest technology in new and innovative ways to develop and enhance the offerings we bring to market.


We focus on what we do best.  We believe that working collaboratively with our partners, who are the leaders in their areas of expertise, we can leverage each organisation’s core competencies to maximise our delivery capability for our customers.

Our Executive Team

Leona Chauhan

Strategy Director

Leona is Strategy Director at Magia Consulting. She has been involved in significantly sized global software implementation projects since 2001 with previous roles at Oracle and Accenture. Her expertise spans across sectors from Government to Financial, Retail and Pharmaceutical. Most recently, her focus has been on implementing automation and rule engine technology into large enterprise solutions and she is an expert implementer and trainer of Oracle Policy Automation. She has presented customer success stories at a number of events globally including UK cross government forums, focus groups / strategy councils in North America and Europe, Building Business Capability and has presented multiple times at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

Roger Miller

Finance and Operations Director

Roger Finance Officer and Operations Director at Magia Consulting. He has 17 years experience in global IT in general, 12 of those directly involved with Business Rules Management Systems. Roger is an expert in the integration of Oracle Policy Automation. He has in depth knowledge of back end systems and is a master of several programming languages such as C, C++, Java and C#, having carried out many successful integrations on large scale systems. Having deep technical knowledge as well as vast experience working with global brands, Roger brings a unique perspective to that area where business meets IT. Roger has successfully helped a number of clients set up their own rules centre of excellence from the ground up incorporating training, analysis and best practice.

Evert Fernandes

Chief Technology Officer

Evert is Chief Technical Officer at Magia and is based in the UK. He’s an Oracle Policy Automation expert with a focus on integration and customisation. Evert has been involved with projects worldwide including successful implementation of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) at Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Ohio Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Rabobank and Miami Dade County. Evert has been in IT for over 20 years in various technical roles, from C++ developer to solution architect. Evert leads development of Magia’s SaaS tools which enable more efficient development of OPA components. In addition to OPA, Evert is skilled in multiple rules engine technologies as well as AWS and Microsoft platforms. As a native Dutch speaker, Evert leads Magia opportunities in the Benelux region.

Our Customers

Our Partners


Magia are a Oracle Platinum Partner, operating in 3 continents, maintaining a growing number of Oracle technology, implementation, support and specialisation certifications.


Magia are a Microsoft Partner providing deep technical expertise in .NET, Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint and more.


Magia and Nextgen distribution have maintained a strong relationship over many years. Our valued partner provides us an excellent vendor engagement model for our Oracle licence sales and renewals.


Magia and PrimeQ collaborate on delivery the highest quality outcomes for our customers who require a solution that harnesses the capabilities of Oracle ERP Cloud in addition to Oracle CX and Policy Automation


We at Magia believe NeoData are the go to organisation for Oracle BI Cloud solutions.  We direct our customers to the talented team at NeoData for all things BI.  We have developed a sound strategic relationship with the team and are always happy to collaborate.

Presence of IT

Magia works closely with PoIT where our specialisations cross into the world of Oracle HCM Cloud – where PoIT are market leaders.  We have worked with PoIT for many years on a variety of customers and opportunities and continue to develop our relationship.


Magia and the creative team at SuiteBox have a partnering agreement in place globally.  In addition to strategic engagement in the US, our development team in Australia continue to support the integration requirements of the SuiteBox product.