ChatBots are computer-programmed Intelligent Bots that are designed to hold natural conversations with people. Computing power has only been getting more advanced, and we’ve now reached a point where this technology from the future is available to anyone.

What is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with a human user, typically via a messaging or chat interface. Recent advancements in machine learning, computing power and big data are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream, enabling people and computers to interact in a highly personalised, conversational style.

Starting a conversation

Unlike traditional customer facing technologies such interactive voice response (IVR), the machine learning capability of Oracle’s ChatBot allows users to ask questions and respond using language that suits them, not what the computer expects. This makes the interaction much smoother and less confrontational than the traditional “talk to the computer” approach.

Putting the Automation into the Robot

Whilst conversational interfaces may provide a novel way to interact, Bots only truly become useful when they can complete tasks of behalf of a user. Oracle’s solution comes complete with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, which enables secure, robust and scalable integration to back end systems and services. Through this, the ChatBot can access information, complete transactions or invoke services as part of the human interaction. This integration is done using common web services standards and can also be integrated into other applications and technologies using middleware.

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ChatBots have been used in a wide variety of different areas. Some examples are below.