Service Cloud

Technology is exploding, mobile devices are everywhere, new communication channels are emerging, and social media is mainstream. All of this is combining to forever change the way customers expect to interact with organisations. At the same time, customer expectations are rising dramatically. As everyone’s free time dimishes, people want answers fast and they expect to be able to interact with your organisation online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delivering Modern Customer Service means meeting these expectations. Engaging customers, empowering employees, and adapting quickly are the Three Tenets of delivering Modern Customer Service – and Oracle Service Cloud is designed to help you get there.

Web Customer Service

Online Self-service has become the norm for organisations today, and this digital transformation goes beyond simply publishing some information on a nice glossy web site. In fact today, 72% of customers prefer web and mobile self- service when interacting with an organization.

Oracle Service Cloud’s web customer service allows your customers to interact through the browser, including maintain their details, their service history, search frequently asked questions or get to a customer service agent through online chat. Unlike some CRM’s where web customer service can be an ugly 1990’s style web form, all this functionality is delivered through a fully branded web site so your customers are unaware they’re using a SaaS application hosted by Oracle.

Telephony Integration

Service Cloud supports integration to both on- premises and cloud-based telephony via web- services and Telephone APIs for complete telephony control on the desktop, including inbound and outbound call management.

Cross-channel contact centre

With the explosion of technologies, today’s contact centres have an unprecedented range of channels to deal with, from traditional telephones through to Social Media and online chat. Under this arrangement getting a unified view of what interactions you’ve had with a customer, and what they have been doing online can be difficult, meaning contact centre operators are behind from the start. Oracle Service Cloud’s unified agent desktop allows you track all your interactions with the customer in one place, providing agents and back office staff with the information they need to effectively deal with customer inquiries.

Case Management

Oracle Service Cloud comes with a range of tools to effectively manage complex cases including automatic task generation, service level compliance and escalations, as well as the ability to create advanced links between cases, contacts, organisations and a customer’s online interactions or outreach activity (surveys, email newsletters, campaigns and activities on the customer portal)

Knowledge Management

Service Cloud comes standard with a complete, state-of-the-art knowledge base for use by both customers and staff. The knowledge base captures detailed (down to the user and/or geolocation) data on how the articles are being used, click through activity to automatically link articles together, and automatic generation of the top frequently asked questions, avoiding the need for your contact centre staff to have to maintain web content and knowledge separately.

Additionally the knowledge management capabilities of Service Cloud are integrated into the request processing cycle, allowing both customers and contact centre staff the ability to provide feedback/suggestions on the knowledge base so answers are continually optimised.