Local Government

Local Governments are seeking new ways to better understand and fulfill the needs of their communities while improving the experience for members of the public. Operating under tighter budgets, its vital to be more responsive and informative to the public in an open and transparent manner.

Much like a business in the commercial sector, there is pressure to reduce customer service delivery costs at a time where infrastructure costs are escalating and the pool of skilled professionals are shrinking.


Self-Service – 24/7

Plus by including the  24/7 Self-Service capability into local government websites it means correct information can be delivered automatically to the citizen or customer service personnel at any time – often without the need for any human engagement.

Self Service and Service Requests

Residents can raise service requests, update their details and see the status of their request at any stage of the process. Updates are also sent via email as their request progresses and they can provide updates or submit additional information as required. Requests can be raised on any channel or device (including mobile responsive pages), via email or even directly through Social Media.

A full service history is maintained in the system so the municipality can get a single view of the customer, and contact center staff have the complete picture when receiving follow up calls.

Less time – less risk – less cost

For local governments, MagiaCX’s  Policy Automation capability ensures customer service staff can reduce the time it takes to address customer service issues – while ensuring that all service responses adhere to business practices and the particular policy concerned.

Knowledge Base and Answers

While web sites and content management tools provide a first step towards self-service, typically these are only part of the picture. These solutions are often good at producing very visually appealing content, but have very limited functionality for citizens to provide feedback, and do not provide detailed information on which content is being accessed, how frequently and by whom.

In addition to sophisticated searching capability, MagiaCX supports continuous capture on usage of the knowledge base, as well as allowing customers to provide feedback and subscribe to updates, ensuring the content remains relevant. A good knowledge base is critical to reducing routine inquiries through expensive channels such as contact centers or routing calls to departmental personnel.

Workflow and Service Level Management

Service Level compliance (including resolution and response times) is an integral part of the solution, along with comprehensive reporting. Requests, Tasks and Applications can be routed to the relevant people based on configurable business rules and priorities. Routing can be based on one or more combinations of data such as request type, escalation level or even geographical location.

The built-in escalation functionality as well as comprehensive reporting ensures problems with service standards or delivery can be quickly identified and rectified, before they start to impact the City’s reputation.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Local Governments often have significant investments in their existing CRM and ERP solutions, and the need to keep consistent information around key data such as taxpayers, properties and service requests is critical to agency operations. Using the Oracle Integration Cloud Service, MagiaCX provides standard integration to most common business systems, and where a more Government-specific integration is required; this can be built rapidly using the graphical development tools provided by the Integration Cloud.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The Outreach and feedback features of the solution allow Local Governments to proactively engage the community through surveys, emails and social media. This can be on a case-by-case basis or by broadcast messages. Oracle Service Cloud supports the creation of sophisticated email and survey campaigns, which can be linked to specific projects. Through the MagiaCX Stakeholder Engagement solution, Government Agencies can ensure the relevant stakeholders are engaged and kept informed of major agency events and/or projects.

Guided Assistance and Electronic Forms

Government processes are generally driven by a combination of legislation and policy, which can sometimes be confusing, complex and unfriendly to the general public. Through Oracle Policy Automation Cloud, MagiaCX provides a sophisticated business rules solution that allows a member of the public (or a contact center operator) to be taken through complex, city-specific processes using a step-by-step, interview-based approach – without the need to write computer code or build custom applications.

The same interviews can be used to capture data in the system and then submit this as an online application, which can then be flowed using the same service standard and rules as Service Requests. When hard copy forms with signatures or supporting documentation are required, the solution also supports generation and subsequent upload or attachment of documents and files.


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