Magia has a long working history with mining and resource companies. We have worked closely with both local and international mining companies, developing a strong knowledge of the the industry and its processes.

Magia has developed a suite of products for asset, fleet and worker monitoring using the Internet of Things. Specifically tailored for the resource industry, the cloud based application suite has proven reduce costs, improve profitability and increase safety through real time visibility of assets.
Asset Monitoring Cloud has been developed as an automated monitoring system that is able to generate records and alerts based on custom criteria. The ability to track any asset, at any time, improves your capability to achieve ROI. It allows you to spot weak points in the supply-chain and amend them immediately, as well as providing notifications for predictive maintenance to reduce downtime.
Fleet Monitoring Cloud manages vehicles, drivers and journeys. It gives you the ability to monitor real-time location, vehicle usage, driving behavior and cost of operation. Constant visibility allows you to improve your ETA predictions and their impact on the supply chain, allowing you to optimise transportation and logistics processes.
Connected Worker Cloud monitors workers and their environments, giving you a greater visibility into work environments. Live updates enables you to improve worker health and safety, regulatory compliance and operational procedures. Workplace incidents are easier to manage and prevent, and automating time and labor tracking enhances productivity.

Minimising Risk
Reducing risk is a primary goal of any organisation. It could easily be argued that mining and resource companies have a greater spectrum of risk and possibly outcomes. Monitoring, documenting and following proper compliance is essential to worker and company longevity. Our cloud suite enables you to operate as effectively and efficiently while managing risk and following approved procedures.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Resource Companies often have significant investments in their existing Monitoring and ERP solutions, and the need to keep consistent information around key data and operations is crucial. Using the Oracle Integration Cloud Service, MagiaCX provides standard integration to most common business systems, and where a more Mining-specific integration is required; this can be built rapidly using the graphical development tools provided by the Integration Cloud.